Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Richest Person in the World

Bill Gates is known to be the richest person in the world for more than a decade. But can he maintain his status for another decade? According to Forbes magazine, Gates is now the third richest person in the world, falling down to Warren Buffet in the top position, and Carlos Slim Helu in second.

Gates' slump is believed to be caused by the bid made by Microsoft for the search engine giant Yahoo! at the beginning of February. Microsoft shares fell 15% between January 31st, that is the day before Microsoft announced the bid, and February 11th.

Gates' fortune is calculated to be about $58 billion, up $2 billion from the year before, whereas Buffet's fortune went up $10 billion from the year before, totaling $62 billion and Carlos down by a slight $2 billion from Buffet.

Can Gates reach back his throne as the richest person in the world?? We'll see


mardhiah said...

warren buffet bought his first share when he is 11 years old and he bought his 1st small firm when he is 14 years old with his saving from delivery newspaper.

as i read in Rich Dad and Poor Dad,
Rich dad tough his children how to invest
but poor dad tough his children how to savings

So,,,it's better if u teach ur children how to invest (it's the same as savings but it's more challenging).. haha

semoga bermanfaat
bahasa inggris saya belepotan


aa_dym said...

thank you for your comment, i agree with you that we should teach the young generation about investments and also savings, because with a spirit like warren buffet since childhood, many people can accomplish the benefits, though it may not be in the form of fortune but experience and mental building as well. I think it should do well in building the economic sector in Indonesia.