Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 Ways to Protect your Twitter Account

After the acquisition of internat security company, Diasent, seems like Twitter is a bit more confident with their security. But the question is, will malware attacks and invasion of advertising be driven easily by Diasent? If you still feel a bit pessimistic about this condition, these are some tips you can try to protech your twitter account from malware interference, piracy, viruses and ads attack.

1. Use BitDefender Safego Application

In order to make sure and find out if an account you follow is not a bot, pirated or fake account you have the option to install BitDefender Safego. It works quite effectively and it's FREE!

2. Avoid Any Attractive but Suspicious Offers

There are always someone who will offer you free stuff through a link and sometimes it looks just too good and easy to be true. If you ever find that kind of link, avoid it at any cost. There is no easy way to earn free stuff, and these malicious links may lead to stolen personal data.

3. Watch out for Direct Messages
Fraudsters usually like to send messages via Direct Message or mentions (@). Always make sure you know the person who is sending the message, even if you do it won't hurt to make sure and ask that person whether he/she sent you a message or not, because sometimes that person has already been pirated and is trying to steal your personal data.

4. Don't be seduced by Follow Back requests

There are very many accounts that write something like "Follow me and I will follow you back", don't be seduced by this. Your Twitter Followers should be people you really recognize in real life, or people you don't know but you are following because of their attractive and quality tweets. 

5. Turn Off Javascript on your browser

Several Worm viruses in twitter use Javascript to hijack twitter accounts. Just to be safe it may be wise to turn off Javascript on you browser in several occasions.

6. Stay Updated on Twitter status/information

Check Twitter's timeline or status to stay updated on fraud attacks and viruses that are known to attack. You may find this information at

7. Use Antivirus 

Antivirus is an extra security barrier that can be effective in filtering those malicious accounts. There are many free antiviruses you can choose from the web, it's up to you to decide what to install.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 Horror Movies Inspired by True Stories or Actual Events

Films/Movies is one of the many medias of entertainment that almost everybody in the world enjoys many people liked around the world. Out the many movie genres, Horror is amongst the popular ones. Many horror movies are inspired from folklore, fairy tales of the past and also myths, but the most unique ones are those inspired from a true story or actual events that actually happened.. The following list summarizes 5  horror movies based on true stories or actual events:

1.      Audrey Rose 1977

This horror movie is inspired by a creepy story that actually happened.  The movie tells a story about a girl named Ivy and her family that are being terrorized by a mysterious man who believes that Ivy is the reincarnation of his daughter, Audrey Rose, who died in a car accident just a few minutes before Ivy was born (after getting the same answers from two paranormals). What follows is a series of strange events (some are very similar to that in 'The Exorcist'), including the Ivy having horrific nightmares and burned her hand on the window.

2.      An American Hunting

This is a modern horror movie that takes the story from the past. Beginning when John Bell forcibly takes a part of land that belongs to Kate Batts, who is known to possess magic. After the incident, Bell and his daughter starts experiencing supernatural events, and the worst is when he finds his daughter severely injured and claiming to have been raped by an unknown creature. In 1886, a historian has written stories about Batts the witch, which became very popular in the Presidency of Andrew Jackson. Allegedly, the existence of the Bell family is true.

3.      The Entity

This movie depicts the story of a housewife named Dorris Bither, who lived with her teenage son and two daughters. Throughout the movie, she often experienced misterious events such as hallucinations and physical disorders. Brian Harris, Bither’s teenage son, claims that he heard his mother being slapped, beaten up and thrown inside the room. He said that he also seen bruises on his mother’s thighs, which according to Bither, is because she was raped by the devil the night before.

The movie is inspired by a mother, Carmen Reed, who was interviewed on CNN about the horror stories that she experienced. Beginning in 1980 when Reed and her family occupies an old colonial home in Southington, Connecticut, for the reason to be close to the hospital where she and her 13 year old child was receiving cancer treatment. A while after, two of her nephews joined them at their home. The family later notices that the house was once a funeral home, and Reed’s child begins telling the group about the voices he hears, and a sighting of "a tall man, with thin and long black hair" whom he often sees every night.

Reed tried taking her son to a psychiatrist, but soon finds that his condition gets worse and worse every day until  finally he’s taken to a mental hospital.

4.      The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose is a horror movie that is fairly successful in terms of sales. The movie is inspired by the story of a teenage girl named Annelise Michel, who was originally a normal teenage girl. Strange events began to occur when she was 17 years old. In 1968, she suffered a seizure and had her first epileptic attack in 1969. That was when Annelise starts hallucinating about the devil whenever she prays. In 1975, she was diagnosed to suffer from depression and often injures herself, and even attempting to commit suicide several times.

The person who first diagnosed Annelisse to have been possessed was an old woman who accompanied her when she made a pilgrimage. She watched as Anneliese avoided walking past a particular image of Jesus, and when Annelisse refused to drink water from the sacred spring. Later on, an exorcist from a nearby town examined Anneliese and concluded that she was possessed. After a number of failed medical treatments, finally the decision to perform an exorcism ritual was made by the local Bishop.

At that time Annelise started hurting herself and refusing to eat. Anneliese started making some very strange actions. She licked her own urine off the floor and ate flies, spiders and coal. She bit the head off a dead bird and crawled under a table and barked like a dog for two days. She often heard shouting that comes form the walls for hours. She also ripped her clothes off and urinates on the floor everyday that results in her body and face being very terrible, that people around her almost did not recognize her anymore. Annelise died on June 1976 resulting from dehydration and malnutrition, and suffered form starvation for almost a year when the exorcism ritual was performed.

5.      The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror movie starts off from a young drug abuser named Ronald DeFeo Jr. (aka "Butch") who slaughtered his entire family in one night, 14 November 1974 with the use of firearms, while his family members were all sleeping. He first shoots his father and mother who was sleeping in their room, followed his younger brother. According to police, DeFeo killed his entire family in order to gain some money, but many issues were heard that DeFeo conducted the heinous murder because of whispers from supernatural spirits in the house.

Few years later after the incident, the house were inhabited by the Lutz family. During on of the nights, they find a secret room in the house that is believed to hold a mystery of the DeFeo family murders and shortly after that, the Lutz family fled from the house without no apparent reason.

Monday, February 13, 2012

5 Cool Google Services You May Not Know

Google has made the life everyone on the Internet more easily. When talking about this multi billion dollar company, most people are already familiar with its products and inventions such as Google Search Engine, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Reader, Picasa, or Google Calendar, each of these products play a big role in our daily lives.

Google allows us to discover new things, send email, set up our stuff, share photos, and more. It only includes mainstream Google product. Google is always experimenting and trying new things. If I ask you to name each and every one of Google's products, you may not be familiar with the lesser-known products. This article will tell you about 5 major Google services that are not very well known.

1.      Google Notebook
How do you make a note of things while you are browsing the site on the Internet? Google Notebook is the answer! Google Notebook is a powerful and helpful alternative that lets you store your notes online. This will help while you work on any project or when you're collecting information. The best part about Google Notebook is that you can access it anywhere you want, as long as the computer has an active internet connection. This free online application is available as an extension for browsers Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. 

2.      Google SketchUp
Google SketchUp is a free application designed to make 3D sketches.
Unlike other conventional 3D CAD program, SketchUp is very pleasant to work with with a user friendly graphical interface. You can even search for designs created by other users in the Google SketchUp, so you can get inspiration for your own design.

3.      Google PageCreator
Google Page Creator is a web-based application that can be used to create websites and web pages. Page you create will be hosted by Google itself.
Google Page Creator gives you 100MB of free storage space and a variety of templates to choose from. This allows you to handle all HTML elements and JavaScript without much knowledge of them. It also offers three unique for each user subdomain, such as

4.      Google Base
Google Base allows anyone who has a Google account to post anything (text or graphics) as long as the post still complies with Google Policy and Regulations.
The contents that can be posted can be text format, ad, lecture notes or even recipes. Whatever type of content, Google Base makes the content searchable on Google. You are even allowed to add your own words that will help people to find your content.

5.      Google Movies
Google Movies lets you find movies that are currently playing near your house. It is basically a search engine that allows you to find a movie playing in theaters near you.
Now, you do not need to browse the newspaper to find what films/movies are currently screened

Saturday, October 30, 2010

FREE ArtSee WP ElegantThemes Download

The ArtSee Wordpress Theme from ElegantThemes is an artsy design that was made for those looking for a simple and elegant theme. This template is perfect for portfolio websites, or blogs that seek a design that will accentuate visual imagery rather than overpower it. This theme comes with custom options pages that makes it editable via wp-admin - no CSS knowledge required. 

ArtSee Wordpress Theme Features;

* Netscape compatible
* Safari compatible
* Wordpress 2.9 compatible
* Social bookmarking ready
* Site-wide search bar
* Gravatar ready
* Firefox compatible
* IE7 + IE6 compatible
* Opera compatible
* Widget ready sidebars
* Theme Option Pages
* Custom thumbnail images
* PSD files
* Valid XHTML + CSS
* Smooth tabless design

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weird but Creative Halloween Jack O'Lanterns

Halloween is always a special moment for those who celebrate it. Not only do we get to dress as anything we want and ask for treats from door to door, we can also show our creativity in creating halloween related objects as decoration. Here are some creative and unique looking jack o'lanterns or pumpkins that are created especially  for halloween occasion.
regular jack o'lantern
alien jack o'lantern pumpkin

frankenstein jack o'lantern pumpkin

medusa jack o'lantern pumpkin

obama jack o'lantern pumpkin
old man jack o'lantern pumpkin

skeleton jack o'lantern pumpkin

warrior jack o'lantern pumpkin

zipper jack o'lantern pumpkin

eyeball jack o'lantern pumpkin