Monday, December 1, 2008

10 Romantic Ideas for your Partner

There are many things you could do to please your partner. For women, they often like their partner to be romantic. For males out there, here's a few ways to get romantic with your couple. It won't guarantee they will like it, cause it depends on each person's taste for romantic, but it's worth a try.

  1. If your partner is going away for a few days, tell her that you are worried about her, so you have organixed a bodyguard to look after her. Then give her a small teddy bear and say that'll be her bodyguard.
  2. On a special occasion, buy your partner ten red roses and one artificial red rose. Place the artificial rose in the center of the bouquet and then attach a card that says, "I will love you until the last rose fades."
  3. Buy the domain name of your partner's name if it is available, for instance, and then creat aweb page containing a romantic poem and a picture of a rose. When your partner is surfing the web, casually ask whether she has ever checked to see if her name is already taken as a domain name. Let her type it in to discover her page. When she sees the page, she'll be very surprised.
  4. Go for a walk in the beach. Trace out the shape of a large love heart in the sand, and then sit inside the heart and cuddle your partner as you both watch the sun go down.
  5. contact your partner's family and ask if there was anything she always wanted or anything memoriable when she was a little girl. Try to find it and then buy it for her birthday or other occasions. She will not only appreciate the gift but also the fact that you were thoughtful enough to find out what she always wanted
  6. If your partner is going on a trip, pack a small present or a note into the corner of her suitcase that she will find when she is away
  7. On a special occasion, such as her birthday, buy 24 red roses. Arrange to meet her at a specific spot in a shopping mall before going out for dinner. Get to the shopping mall early and position yourself around the corner from your meeting spot.
    Ask a guy who is walking by whether he would mind helping you out. Give him a rose, point out to your partner and ask him to walk up to her and say "Happy Birthday ....." , give her the rose and then walk away. Do this with eleven other guys, if possible choose guys of different ages. After that you walk to her and give the remaining 12 roses while saying "Happy Birthday Honey".
  8. On a rainy day, go for a walk with your partner. Forget umbrellas and raincoats. Run through the streets together,jump in puddles and get totally saturated.Pick her up, twirl her around and kiss her while the rain falls. It should be a sensation of its own.
  9. Order her a pizza and ask to have cut it into a heart shape before it is delivered to her.
  10. This one is great for long distance relationships. It takes a bit of organization but if you can pull it off, it's sure to be a surprise that your partner will never forget.Organize to catch up to her over the internet using something like chat room or instant messenger program. Then arrange a secret trip to meet her withoup telling her that you're coming.
    When it comes time for your chat over the internet, arrange a close friend back home to log in using your account while you position yourself outside her door. Call your friend and tell him to type the following sentence, " I really miss you honey, I wish I could be there and just reach out and knock your door." As soon as he has sent the message, knock on the door! This will surely give a surprise to her.


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