Thursday, February 26, 2009

Earn Money from Forum

I have just recently tried a new way of making money through the internet without much work or waste of energy. The method is similar to those where you earn money by reviewing, or clicking, but in here you can earn money by posting in a forum. Mylot is a site where you can earn money by being active in a discussion forum. The payment system is based on ratings. You earn a minimal of $0.01 per post, but the higher the rating for the post are, the more money you can earn. You can earn more also by referring others to join, and the more active your referrers are in the forum the more money you can earn also. The payment is made through paypal, so if you haven't created an account you should do so. The minimal cashout payment is $10. You can discuss about nearly anything here, either to respond or create a new discussion. But there is one thing you musn't do in your post whatever the circumstances are, that is to include your reference link or any other links in your posts. If you do so, your post will be erased from the forum and you will get nothing as a compensation. So why not try an easy way to earn money through MyLot

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