Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rolltop : The Future Designed Laptop

Ever wonder what future laptops would look like? Well if you like reading newspaper, then you are gonna be thrilled when you read this article. Even though it appears to be just a concept model through 3D animation, Germany’s Orkin Design seems to have plans for a computer using an OLED.  The screen is able to rollup around a core which doubles as not only a method of storage but also as an A/C adapter as well as a USB hub. The "laptop" has a flexible OLED display that is also capable of multitouch. When rolled out it becomes a 17-inch flat screen but can also be folded into a 13-inch tablet of sorts. I'd like to think that by the time we see something like the Rolltop we will have wireless power, but the detachable stand stores the tablet's stylus, power adapter and USB ports. From what it appears, the keyboard is onscreen and the whole unit can be converted into a giant tablet PC as well. 

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