Thursday, February 18, 2010

Detect Invisible Yahoo Messenger Account with Vizgin

Are you the type of person who enjoys chatting?If you are then I am sure you are familiar with the Yahoo! application named Yahoo Messenger (YM). If you have used the application, then I'm certain that you're also familiar with one of the features in the application where you can appear invisible although in truth you are online. Mostly people use this feature so that they can appear online but not be bothered by anyone in his/her messenger list. It's a great way to ensure your privacy towards others.

If you a fan of the feature, well you should be aware because now there are many websites that offers to detect invisible YM accounts, one of them is Vizgin.

Vizgin is a free invisible YM account or YM ID detector. It's very easy to use and the results are 100% accurate. All you have to do is type in the name of the ID you want to check, and then click on the Yahoo! logo on the right of the text box. In the bottom, the application will display the current status of the ID that you checked, whether he/she is online, offline or invisible. It also shows the avatar of the target ID. Besides that, it also displays "Latest Scans" so you don't have to type in the same ID over and over again if you check it regularly. Care to investigate statuses of your messenger buddies? Try this application for FREE.

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