Thursday, April 8, 2010

Basic SEO Method : Web Directory

SEO is a fast growing and dynamic technique that is widely used by webmasters in the past 10 years to dominate their websites in the top positions of SERP. There are lots of SEO techniques that webmasters use in order to boost their websites in the top positions of search engines. Many of them are considered effective,but not a few are still questionable whether they have an effect on the SEO of a website or not.

Effective of not, one of the most used and trusted technique is the usage of web directory. Web directory is a website that contains many website URLs where they are each categorized according to the related content of each website. Each web directory has different categories to submit a URL to, although many of them have the same categories. Categories are important as it filters the URLs that are submitted into a web directory. When submitting a website URL to a web directory, it is important to always submit the website in a related category in order for it to be approved. That’s why it’s also important to describe or explain specific niches or products in your website, so that it’s easier for you to choose a category in a web directory to submit your website to.

By submitting a website to a web directory, the submiited website has a chance of creating backlinks that can in time get indexed by search engines. Backlinking is one of the most assured SEO technique that can  bring good results in the position of a website in SERP. The more backlinks a website has, the better chance it will get indexed and have a high position in a SERP. But do remember it’s not just ordinary backlinks, it should be quality backlinks. Quality backlinks are backlinks that are given in a high PR website. For example,1 backlink to a website with a PR of 3 is much better than 100 backlinks to 100 websites with 0 PR. So keep in mind to submit to quality web directories when submitting a website. It is also advised that you use the featured link (payed link) upon submitting your website to a web directory since a featured link is often approved much faster than free links.DMOZ is a good example of a high PR Free web directory, whereas Yahoo Directory is a good high PR paid web directory.

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