Thursday, May 20, 2010


For aspiring scribes and book lovers everywhere, Robert Louis Stevenson offers a variety of thoughts on the art of writing. Currently, there are plenty of books out there that claim to speak of writing and how to go about it. The irony is that often you've never heard of these writers who proclaim to know the craft so well. That isn't the case here, as every school child knows of Treasure Island. Stevenson's success as a writer is one we can all hope to attain for ourselves.

In these essays, Stevenson gives advice on a variety of subjects, ranging from inspiration and direction to the technical methods of writing. He mentions the basic tools of writing: word choice, rhythm in verse and prose, plotting and the ever-hard to define 'writing style'. At one point Stevenson launches into a lecture on the morality of writing - that is, the potential for good that literature has, and the responsibility that comes with that power.

The Art of Writing Ebook Contents :
  1. On Some Technical Elements of Style in Literature
  2. The Morality of the Profession of Letters
  3. Books Which Have Influenced Me
  4. A Note on Realism
  5. My First Book : "Treasure Island"
  6. The Genesis of "The Master of Ballantrae"
  7. Preface to "The Master of Ballantrae"

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