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5 Horror Movies Inspired by True Stories or Actual Events

Films/Movies is one of the many medias of entertainment that almost everybody in the world enjoys many people liked around the world. Out the many movie genres, Horror is amongst the popular ones. Many horror movies are inspired from folklore, fairy tales of the past and also myths, but the most unique ones are those inspired from a true story or actual events that actually happened.. The following list summarizes 5  horror movies based on true stories or actual events:

1.      Audrey Rose 1977

This horror movie is inspired by a creepy story that actually happened.  The movie tells a story about a girl named Ivy and her family that are being terrorized by a mysterious man who believes that Ivy is the reincarnation of his daughter, Audrey Rose, who died in a car accident just a few minutes before Ivy was born (after getting the same answers from two paranormals). What follows is a series of strange events (some are very similar to that in 'The Exorcist'), including the Ivy having horrific nightmares and burned her hand on the window.

2.      An American Hunting

This is a modern horror movie that takes the story from the past. Beginning when John Bell forcibly takes a part of land that belongs to Kate Batts, who is known to possess magic. After the incident, Bell and his daughter starts experiencing supernatural events, and the worst is when he finds his daughter severely injured and claiming to have been raped by an unknown creature. In 1886, a historian has written stories about Batts the witch, which became very popular in the Presidency of Andrew Jackson. Allegedly, the existence of the Bell family is true.

3.      The Entity

This movie depicts the story of a housewife named Dorris Bither, who lived with her teenage son and two daughters. Throughout the movie, she often experienced misterious events such as hallucinations and physical disorders. Brian Harris, Bither’s teenage son, claims that he heard his mother being slapped, beaten up and thrown inside the room. He said that he also seen bruises on his mother’s thighs, which according to Bither, is because she was raped by the devil the night before.

The movie is inspired by a mother, Carmen Reed, who was interviewed on CNN about the horror stories that she experienced. Beginning in 1980 when Reed and her family occupies an old colonial home in Southington, Connecticut, for the reason to be close to the hospital where she and her 13 year old child was receiving cancer treatment. A while after, two of her nephews joined them at their home. The family later notices that the house was once a funeral home, and Reed’s child begins telling the group about the voices he hears, and a sighting of "a tall man, with thin and long black hair" whom he often sees every night.

Reed tried taking her son to a psychiatrist, but soon finds that his condition gets worse and worse every day until  finally he’s taken to a mental hospital.

4.      The Exorcism Of Emily Rose

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose is a horror movie that is fairly successful in terms of sales. The movie is inspired by the story of a teenage girl named Annelise Michel, who was originally a normal teenage girl. Strange events began to occur when she was 17 years old. In 1968, she suffered a seizure and had her first epileptic attack in 1969. That was when Annelise starts hallucinating about the devil whenever she prays. In 1975, she was diagnosed to suffer from depression and often injures herself, and even attempting to commit suicide several times.

The person who first diagnosed Annelisse to have been possessed was an old woman who accompanied her when she made a pilgrimage. She watched as Anneliese avoided walking past a particular image of Jesus, and when Annelisse refused to drink water from the sacred spring. Later on, an exorcist from a nearby town examined Anneliese and concluded that she was possessed. After a number of failed medical treatments, finally the decision to perform an exorcism ritual was made by the local Bishop.

At that time Annelise started hurting herself and refusing to eat. Anneliese started making some very strange actions. She licked her own urine off the floor and ate flies, spiders and coal. She bit the head off a dead bird and crawled under a table and barked like a dog for two days. She often heard shouting that comes form the walls for hours. She also ripped her clothes off and urinates on the floor everyday that results in her body and face being very terrible, that people around her almost did not recognize her anymore. Annelise died on June 1976 resulting from dehydration and malnutrition, and suffered form starvation for almost a year when the exorcism ritual was performed.

5.      The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror movie starts off from a young drug abuser named Ronald DeFeo Jr. (aka "Butch") who slaughtered his entire family in one night, 14 November 1974 with the use of firearms, while his family members were all sleeping. He first shoots his father and mother who was sleeping in their room, followed his younger brother. According to police, DeFeo killed his entire family in order to gain some money, but many issues were heard that DeFeo conducted the heinous murder because of whispers from supernatural spirits in the house.

Few years later after the incident, the house were inhabited by the Lutz family. During on of the nights, they find a secret room in the house that is believed to hold a mystery of the DeFeo family murders and shortly after that, the Lutz family fled from the house without no apparent reason.

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