Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 Ways to Protect your Twitter Account

After the acquisition of internat security company, Diasent, seems like Twitter is a bit more confident with their security. But the question is, will malware attacks and invasion of advertising be driven easily by Diasent? If you still feel a bit pessimistic about this condition, these are some tips you can try to protech your twitter account from malware interference, piracy, viruses and ads attack.

1. Use BitDefender Safego Application

In order to make sure and find out if an account you follow is not a bot, pirated or fake account you have the option to install BitDefender Safego. It works quite effectively and it's FREE!

2. Avoid Any Attractive but Suspicious Offers

There are always someone who will offer you free stuff through a link and sometimes it looks just too good and easy to be true. If you ever find that kind of link, avoid it at any cost. There is no easy way to earn free stuff, and these malicious links may lead to stolen personal data.

3. Watch out for Direct Messages
Fraudsters usually like to send messages via Direct Message or mentions (@). Always make sure you know the person who is sending the message, even if you do it won't hurt to make sure and ask that person whether he/she sent you a message or not, because sometimes that person has already been pirated and is trying to steal your personal data.

4. Don't be seduced by Follow Back requests

There are very many accounts that write something like "Follow me and I will follow you back", don't be seduced by this. Your Twitter Followers should be people you really recognize in real life, or people you don't know but you are following because of their attractive and quality tweets. 

5. Turn Off Javascript on your browser

Several Worm viruses in twitter use Javascript to hijack twitter accounts. Just to be safe it may be wise to turn off Javascript on you browser in several occasions.

6. Stay Updated on Twitter status/information

Check Twitter's timeline or status to stay updated on fraud attacks and viruses that are known to attack. You may find this information at

7. Use Antivirus 

Antivirus is an extra security barrier that can be effective in filtering those malicious accounts. There are many free antiviruses you can choose from the web, it's up to you to decide what to install.

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