Wednesday, June 30, 2010


free kahlil gibran ebook

KAHLIL GIBRAN'S THE MADMAN was first published in 1918. Although written nearly 100 years ago, it remains timely. This is a collection of short parables ranging in length from a single paragraph to a few pages. They are individualist in nature and center around a single soul's dealings with the world around it. Notions of truth and being are communicated in that soul's interactions with God, friends, neighbors, strangers, animals and itself. It is quite possibly the most perfect writing I have ever read. Here, Gibran characterizes one who has done so as a madman - one who has tapped into the vein of Spirit, and appears to others to be 'drunk on God'. Though some pages come across like a bizarre Aesop's fables, it is his 'Madman' character who voices this theme repeatedly throughout.

The contents of the ebook are :
  1. How I Became A Madman
  2. God
  3. My Friend
  4. The Scarecrow
  5. The Sleep Walkers
  6. The Wise Dog
  7. The Two Hermits
  8. On Giving And Taking
  9. The Seven Selves
  10. War
  11. The Fox
  12. The Wise King
  13. Ambition
  14. The New Pleasure
  15. The Other Language
  16. The Pomegranate
  17. The Two Cages
  18. The Three Ants
  19. The Grave-Digger
  20. On The Strips Of The Temple
  21. The Blessed City
  22. The Good God and the Evil God
  23. "Defeat"
  24. Night And The Madman
  25. Faces
  26. The Greater Sea
  27. Crucified
  28. The Astronomer
  29. The Great Longing
  30. Said a Blade of Grass
  31. The Eye
  32. The Two Learned Men
  33. When My Sorrow Was Born
  34. And When My Joy Was Born
  35. "The Perfect World"

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