Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Holly Lisle's Mugging The Muse : Writing Fiction for Love and Money is a book that describes the experience of the writer in building her writing career. The ebook is most suited for newbies who are just starting to become a writer, but is very well appropriate for advanced writers as well, to get more knowledge.

The contents of the ebook are :

  1. Section 1 : Preparation and Practice
    • How I Found Myself Here, or Why I Became A Writer
    • Could Vs. Should and the Price of Your Dreams
    • Finding Silence
    • Experts, Professionals, and College
    • Ideas : A Hundred for a Dollar
    • How to Start a Novel
    • How to Create a Character
    • How to Finish a Novel
    • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, or How to Choose a Writers' Group
    • One Good Enemy
    • That Our Reach Exceed Our Grasp

  2. Section 2 : Writing and Selling 
    • Your Book is Not Your Baby
    • Say What You Mean
    • The Writer's Toolbox
    • Middles
    • Apples, Bananas
    • Dialogue Workshop
    • Maps Workshop
    • Timed Writing Workshop
    • Editor Etiquette
    • About Literary Agents
    • How to Query an Agent
    • Life Changes Writing; Writing Changes Life
    • How to Quit Your Day Job to Write Full Time

  3. Section 3 : Troubleshooting
    • How to Tell Who Won't Make it in Writing (and How Not to be That Writer)
    • The Perfect Busman's Holiday
    • Are We Having Fun Yet?
    • Losing - and Regaining - Writer's Hunger
    • How to Collaborate - and How Not to

  4. Section 4 : Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Section 5 : Recommended Reading
  6. Section 6 : Bonus Articles
    • My Five Worst Career Mistakes, and How you can Avoid Them
    • Ten Keys to Designing a Series Character You Can Live With (Forever)
    • How To Make Every Story Better than the Last

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