Sunday, March 21, 2010

BlogAdvertisingStore : The Best PTR Site Ever!

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BlogadvertisingStore is the best PTR site that I have ever joined. The reason is because of the easiness to find an opportunity once my blog have been verified. Unlike most PTR sites I have joined, in just 2 days time after the verification of my blog, I have already been given an opportunity to review a site/subject.

I noticed the site for the first time through a fellow internet marketer in my country. She was a friend of mine and has an intense hobby of blogging. But before, her blog posts mostly consist of the main language of our country. It is after she discovered BlogAdvertisingStore that she decided to try her luck in the PTR field. In just a short amount of time, she told me that she made quite some money throught the many opportunities offered. With the intention of following her success, I decided to join BlogAdvertisingStore as well.

Just like how I hoped it would turn out, I have already been given 4 opportunities to review, although my blog is still a 0 Google Page Rank. Through this post, I am encouraging you to try BlogAdvertisingStore, the Best PTR Site I have ever joined. I guarantee that your blogging skill will not be wasted at all. Start your blogging career by clicking HERE.

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