Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last Call, an interactive horror movie breakthrough

After the recent success with 4D technology implemented with the movie Avatar, which succeeded in winning 2 Oscar Awards, what do you think is the next technology to be implemented in the Film Industry?

A company called 13th Street has put together a movie called "Last Call" that claims to be the first interactive horror film to be released, where the audience is able to communicate with a character on the screen, therefor getting involved directly with the actress and determining the plot of the movie.

The idea works as the following : First, the audience is urged to give out their cellphone number when purchasing the ticket. The numbers are then stored in a specific database. During specific scenes of the movie, a software will randomly call one of the submitted numbers in the database. An audience will then answer the call and hear the on-screen actress requesting for help. Then the selected audience will be involved with the escape of the actress by offering decisions when asked by the actress. Furthermore, the audience can also decide whether the actress should help other victims to flee the scene or not. Every single choice shapes the fate of the actress and the outcome of the movie.

Although there may still be misteries and scarcities in the implementation, but the breakthrough with the concept is one that shall be developed, and bring a new experience for audiences in watching a movie.

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