Sunday, March 21, 2010

SEO Practice : Website Submitting and Google Analytics

As an internet marketing practitioner, it is imperative that your website is indexed by search engines, in order for it to show up on SERP (Search Engine Results Page), thus making it possible for visitors to view your website. To make your website show on the early pages of SERP, you can utilize the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practice on your website. Each search engine has their own formula in placing which websites deserve to be placed on top, and until now, the exact formula is known only by the workers of the search engine. One of the most easiest SEO practice is submitting your website to different search engines. In this case, there are three search engines that are recommended for your website to be submitted in, they are Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Submitting your website manually will benefit you in the way it is indexed faster by search engines, rather than waiting for robots or indexing softwares to find you. Not only that, by submitting manually, you have a better chance of promoting your website with good keywords, through its description. In order to submit a website all you have to do is visit the following URLs, each one representing a different search engine :

• Google:

• Yahoo!:

• MSN Search:

After submitting your website and being indexed by search engines, the next action varies, depending on your goal and content of the website.

Besides having to promote and increase your website ranking through SEO techniques, you can also monitor your website with the help of Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you can analyze your traffic and strategy by processing the data/metrics given by the tool. With the right handling, it can really be a helpful tool to guide you on your next step, what you should do, and where to target your leads. Using Analytics metrics can definitely help make SEO decisions in the future.

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