Thursday, March 18, 2010, Make Money Uploading Files!

Are you interested in internet marketing?making money online?Do you like to upload files regularly? If you are, ShareCash is the perfect site for you.
ShareCash is a revolutionary, next-generation upload site, where you get paid CASH for every downloaded files that you upload! The process is simple, you register, upload as many files as possible, and wait for the money to come.

What makes ShareCash above other upload sites is their offer to give you 40 to 80 cents per download! Some offers even value more than 80 cents per download, reaching up to more that a dollar.
Not only do you get paid per download, every time a user who goes to download your file buys a premium membership, you get 30% of that price!

Features of ShareCash :
* Highest download rates around - at least 40 cents per download as the base rate.
* Affiliate System - refer users and get 10% of what they earn
* Affiliate messaging system - you can now talk to and train your affiliate army to make you even more cash!
* Simple sign up - Start earning in less than 30 seconds!
* Low cashout limit - get your money after earning only $10 !
* Accepts any file type!
* International downloads - get paid for any country!
* Friendly, 24/7 Online Community on our Forum, Live Chat, TeamSpeak, and Ventrillo!
and more!

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