Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Future "Flying" Car

Moller M400 Skycar is the name of the future aircraft in which many people have been waiting for to see. With a structure similar to modern cars (except this vehicle contains no wheels and has side-propellers), it will or should be the next generation of vehicle the world will be using in the future. An onboard computer ensures that piloting the M400 is as easy as driving a car, just point the controls in the direction of desired way. You don't have to worry about the takeoff procedure, because not like high-performanced airplane, the Moller M400 has the capability to takeoff and land vertically.

The 4 passenger Moller M400 has a cruising speed of 275 mph, and a top speed of 375 mph, courtesy of 1200 horsepower from the 8 ethanol fueled Rotapower engines.

Safety in a vehicle like the Moller M400 is an important aspect, and therefore numerous safety features have been intergrated into the design including:
- Multiple engines, with the ability to operate with one or more out of action.
- Backup computer stabilisation systems.
- Aerodynamically stable glide ability.
- Dual parachutes, in the event of total loss of power the dual parachutes of the M400 can be deployed to bring the aircraft safely to the ground.

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