Monday, November 24, 2008

Syobon : The most annoying game ever

Are you a fan of the game Super Mario Bros? If you are, I know a game that's similar to that, the gameplay of course, but the difference is in this game you are given unlimited lives. Maybe you might think that it's easy to finish the game since you are presented with unlimited lives, but the fact is on the contrary. Yes, it's true that on this game there's no such thing as "Game Over" or something that might end the game (except if you close the window or you finish it), but the real test is how long will you be able to resist the game with unlimited lives. This game is a rather weird, and funny at the same time. Throughout the game, you wont know where or what the anomaly will be. The anomalies can be so annoying that you'll get very frustated at some point after playing this game. And even if you still remember the anomaly from one point, there may still be a chance that you still fail to pass it. So how bout it? are you ready to get frustrated with this game?
Feel free to download syobon : action.

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