Sunday, November 23, 2008

Opera Campus Crew

Browsers are mandatory for us to be able to access the web. There are many browsers available for you to use. But I think one of the best browsers that I have used so far is the Opera browser. I think that have done a very creative job by introducing the speed dial feature and the "mouse tabbing" (if i'm not mistaken) feature.
But other than the browser itself, and of course other softwares made by the company, I think Opera has done a very well job in socializing it's products. Not only by making a self owned Opera community, where you can create a blog and socialize with many other opera community members, but also in the education sector where they created the Opera Campus Crew Community. This is a community where you become a representative for opera in your school or university and your job is to spread the word about Opera and Web Standards on campuses and other related venues. If you are a student or educator and passionate about bringing Opera and Web Standards to your campus, I think you should become a volunteer member of the Opera Campus Crew. You might find many benefits by joining as a member, or maybe even be your Money-making activity in the future. Interested in becoming a member? Signup for your chance to become a representative at your campus for Opera

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