Thursday, November 20, 2008

Word Optical Illusions

Illusions are defined as something that deceives or misleads intelectually. Here are some Illusions that can really mislead your mind, if you don't concentrate well enough to view the image.

This picture is rather ambiguous. See if you can figure out what I mean

If you think these are abstract words, I have to say you're mistaken. Can you find out what these words spell out?
This one is rather simple isn't it? Do you realize there's actually two words in this image? What could it be?
This is pretty interesting, try to read the words from this image out loud.

did you read " I Love Paris In The Springtime" ? Well don't be surprised if I say that you're wrong!! Why don't you read them one more time and find your mistake.


mardhiah said...

waduh kagak tau yang pertama sama yang kedua..
btw kok sepi2 aja ya mas?

Optical Illusion said...

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