Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MSN Online Mistery Game

Are you someone who's interested in sharpening your investigative skill, as if you were a detective?
If you are, then I have the perfect website for you. The Conspiracy, sponsored by MSN, is a game of mistery and riddles, where you become a detective and try to solve the puzzles given to you after each hint. The game consists of 2 parts, where each part plays a different role. I myself haven't figured out the answer to the first part yet, therefor I am unable to give more information about the game inself.

The object of the the game is to trace the whereabouts of your old friend Professor Adam Whitehead, after he has strangely vanished from his house. You will be given hints throughout the game and also the Live Search tool by MSN to help you figure out the answer.

The game is completely free, all you have to do to play is register your username and email, for the purpose of saving your progress so that the next time you login you can start again from that point.

Interested in playing this game?Click here.

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